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BBQ Knives

A Challenge

I always get lots of feedback and questions from our customers. We love feedback because it gives us a chance to provide you with what you really need and want.

One question that many people ask is: "What kind of knives do you recommend for BBQ'ing?"

After answering this questions countless times, I decided it was time for a challenge. The challenge was for us here at TexasBBQRub to come up with the ultimate BBQ Knife Set.

For a product to get the TexasBBQRub stamp of approval, it takes a lot. Especially for a product that we don't create with our own hands.

bbq gloves

Our Criteria

This was our criteria... our challenge... to create the ultimate BBQ knife set:

  • Quality: The knives need to be of a quality that should last a lifetime. We didn't want cheap 'throw away' knives.
  • Price: We wanted to create a set under $100. Folks, we know people spend a fortune on knives. You don't have to.
  • Respect: We wanted knives made in location known for quality, precision, excellence, and care.
  • Comfort: The knives needed to be comfortable in the hands for hours of use.
  • Durability: These knives had to undergo our rigorous trial and testing period.
  • All in one package: We wanted to create a 'this is all you need' knife package.
  • Small footprint: No one wants to carry an army of knives. Especially the mobile BBQ guys such as caterers and competition cookers.
bbq gloves

A Possible Contender

We first sat down and thought of the kind of knives we used when we cooked. We then asked the same question to many of our professional customers. After asking the question to hundreds of caterers and competition cookers, we were able to get a good idea of what was really needed.

We were attracted to a knife company known as Messermeister. Messermeister is the premier brand of German knives that still utilizes the original drop hammer forged manufacturing process. Each knife is handcrafted from the finest quality carbon steel alloy and industrial strength handle components.

bbq gloves

The Trial Period

We mentioned earlier about our strict policy for carrying an outside product. We also mentioned how we were going to give these knives the test of their life. It was time for the test. And... This test was no joke.

We received our first batch of knives just in time for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ Cook off. We have been doing this event every year since 1996.

We used these knives to slice about 40 briskets, 160 slabs of pork spare ribs, 20 chickens, 120 lbs of sausage, 12 pork loins, and 2 racks of lamb. Above this, these knives were subject to the abuse of multiple users, thrown around without care, and were never sharpened. Like I mentioned earlier, we wanted to give them one hell of a trial, and we did just that.

I can honestly say I was, and still am, impressed with these knives. In my opinion, anything that can survive the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook off is something special. For a product to survive the Houston Rodeo BQ Cook off, it's like surving a war.

This is why I use them. That's why I sell them.

bbq gloves

The Chef Knife

The chef knife is just the perfect all around knife. And folks, when you are making BBQ for your friends and family, you need an all around knife.

A chef knife is an extremely versatile knife. Rather than excelling at any one in particular. It can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts

You can grip it at the handle, with all four fingers and the thumb gathered underneath. For more precise control, you can grip on the blade itself, with the thumb and the index finger grasping the blade just to the front of the finger guard and the middle finger placed just opposite, on the handle side of the finger guard below the bolster.

We chose a 6" length. We felt this was a good overall length because it allows for the greatest amount of versatility.

bbq gloves

6" Chef Knife

The Boning Knife

A boning knife has a sharp point and narrow blade. It is used in food preparation for removing the bones of poultry, meat, and fish. A boning knife is not as thick as some of other butcher knife. Since the knife is thin, it means precision.

This curved knife is perfect for many jobs. The curved boning knife makes a great trim knife and slicer for small cuts of meat.

We use a boning knife for slicing ribs and cutting chicken. It also works great for slicing brisket, etc. It's a great knife for a finished piece of meat.

We chose a 8" length for this knife. We felt that 8" is the perfect length for the numerous tasks this knife will undertake.

bbq gloves

8" Boning Knife

The Granton Edge Slicer

This knife is all about precision and perfection. When you want perfect slices of brisket, pork butt, pork loin, or anything else that needs slicing.

The granton edge, features small hollow areas along the side of the blade that help reduce friction during slicing. This means that it requires less effort for you to make perfect slices. The wide blade keeps meat together when slicing. This prevents break-over and trapping in the juices during slicing.

When you want perfect, uniform slices; this is the knife to go for.

We sized this knife at 10"

bbq gloves

10" Granton Slicer

The suggested retail price for this knife set is $118. We are able to get the price down to $84.95.



bbq gloves
Messermeister Knife Set
6" chef knife, 8" boning knife, 10" granton slicer
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