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Texas BBQ Rub's
Grand Champion BBQ Rub

Texas BBQ Rub has taken great pride in bringing you the finest BBQ rubs in the market today. Compared to any other rub on the market; rubs have won more championships, more trophies, and most importantly won the hearts of the people that use them to feed their friends and family.

When we first introduced our Original Rub in 2001 (two time winner of the American Royal People's Choice Award for rubs) we knew we had a great product and knew that our simple 1-2-3 method of cooking barbecue was the easiest method for you to use and cook fabulous barbecue. We really had no idea we would influence the barbecue world like we have. We have the best customers in the world. In 2004, we introduced our award winning Brisket Blend (one time winner of the American Royal People's Choice Award for rubs) and then we introduced Texas Wild Rub in 2007 to continue our commitment to you to create great rubs at an economical price and deliver the great taste you deserve for all of your barbecue cooking needs.

In our product tradition of providing you with the best of the best in barbecue rubs, we are proud to introduce Texas BBQ Rub's newest rub, Grand Champion BBQ Rub.

brisket rub


As with all of our great rubs and spices, there is a little back story behind our Grand Champion BBQ Rub. In January 2009, a great friend of mine, Craig Sharry, was getting ready to go cook the San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Competition. He knew that I had been working on a new rub and had tested some of the blends that I had made over the months before this cook-off. So, he asked if he could take our newest rub with him to the San Antonio cook-off and use it on the meat he was going to be cooking at the cook-off. The San Antonio cook-off has a field of over 220 teams from all across Texas and the United States.

I told him "let's go for it." This would be a great place to try the rub out in a large field of cooking teams. So, I made him up a couple bags of the new stuff and he went to compete.

Compete his did. He had a 4th place chicken, 3rd place ribs, and a 7th place brisket; winning the overall Grand Champion of the cook-off. Over 220 teams and he was crowned Grand Champion. He called me with so much excitement that when they crowned him the Grand Champion of the cook-off that I must admit I was the proudest guy that day for him. He had won other cook-offs over the years, he had competed in the American Royal Invitational, but this was the biggest cook-off he had ever won Grand Champion for.

brisket rub

Then in 2010, he again signed up for the San Antonio Rodeo BBQ cook-off and went out to San Antonio with his new rub in his hands. Once again, he called me and said "I won this son of a gun again." Holy cow! He had won back to back cook-offs at a huge cook-off of over 220 teams.

Then, he proceeded to go to the 2010 Hold'em and Hit'em Cookoff in Houston and win another Grand Champion in a field of over 120 teams. This cookoff attracts some of the finest cooks in the nation. Yeah, he can cook. He has spent a few years working on his skills as a competition cook and is good at it.

Then, a couple of weeks later, he competed at the West, Texas (and there really is a town called West) cook-off against 97 other teams. You guessed it. He won Grand Champion again.

I told Craig that it was time for me to introduce our new rub to the rest of the world. What other name would fit this rub better than Grand Champion BBQ Rub. It has won in some of the largest most competitive cook-offs held in Texas and the United States.

So, we stated sending out some bags to some of our great customers for them to try out and give us their feedback. The feedback we received was absolutely great. Many of our customers actually did a side by side tasting of meats cooked with the Grand Champion rub and meats cooked with one of our other rubs. Many of them thought it was better than our original rub.

One of our great BBQ cook-off teams calls this rub the "Edge" because it has given him an edge over the competition. I must admit I like that name as well.

So, for the world to enjoy, get your hands on Texas BBQ Rub's Grand Champion BBQ Rub.

bbq brisket

You know, Grand Champion means the best of the best at any cook-off. Now you can use Texas BBQ Rub's Grand Champion Rub and turn out grand champion BBQ in your own back yard. You will become the Grand Champion BBQ Cook for your family and friends, and that is what it really is all about. Isn't it?

You know what the taste is like?

Well, I handed one of the big name cooks a bag of the Grand Champion rub to test. He tore open the bag, tasted it, and said "there is a lot of taste going on in that rub."

Here is the way I describe this rub. It is less spicy than our original rub (for those that like a little less spice) but there is still some spice in it. It has some wonderful flavors of black pepper, garlic, and onion. These are all present and working together to create a very unique taste effect that I have never tasted in any blend of seasonings. The other flavors of spices are there in the background making the taste unbelievable. It has the sweet of brown sugar followed by a unique taste of spices that makes meat explode with flavor. No covering up the wonderful flavor of meat you are cooking, but a perfect spice that enhances flavors of meat.

I think the Grand Champion BBQ Rub is best on pork butts and ribs. It seems to be perfect for pork products.

So - what are you waiting for? The next Grand Champion is yours to put on some ribs or a pork butt.


competition bbq brisket