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Our Quality


Freshness is what you expect and demand when you buy a BBQ rub or spice.

Have you ever wondered how fresh those spices you are getting off the store shelf at your local food store really are? If not, you should ask yourself that question.

The answer is that those spices will probably be in the range of 2 to 8 months. You see, those spices have to go thru the normal manufacturer, to a third party middleman, and finally to the store location. As a result of this chain, the spices you get at the store have been sitting in the manufacturers' hot warehouse. Then they were trucked in hot trucks to the middle mans' warehouse, where they sat until the store ordered them. Then, once ordered, they were again shipped via a hot truck to the stores' distribution center. Eventually they were again trucked to the store, where they sat until you picked them up.

Texas BBQ Rubs grilling spices and BBQ rubs are delivered directly to your door a the very peak of freshness. We make our rubs every night and almost always ship them to you the next morning. Depending on the speed of the mail system, about 95% of our packages arrive at your door 3 days from the day you order it (not counting weekends of holidays).

You just can't get any other BBQ rub this fresh. Fresh spices and rubs just make meat taste better. You deserve the freshest spices and rubs for the meats you are preparing.

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Who Makes Your BBQ Rub?

Texas BBQ Rub is only made by our hands each night in small batches. This is a family business, and we can assure you that one of our family members is making your rub for you.

We do not have another company making any part of our rub and re-labeling it. A lot of the companies that are selling rubs are using some large company to mix a blend of spices that they developed, or they are simply buying a line of spices developed by someone else. They slap their labels on those same spices and call them their own!

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We use Our Rubs and Spices and Cook the Way We Tell You

This gives you someone to email or call if you have a question.

We use only the products that we sell when we are cooking BBQ. We also cook using the Simple 1-2-3 Method. We can answer any question that you might have about the rubs and spices because we probably have run into the same situation at some time in our cooking.

I have had guys come up to me at a cook-off while I was preparing meat for a competition. They have stood there and watched and said "you guys really cook like you tell everyone on your web site." All I could say is we sure do cause it works and it is easy. Why would wee want to change something that is so simple to do and produces great tasting BBQ?

I was totally blown away recently when a spice competitor of ours asked me if he could get some of our BBQ rub because he used other rubs and spices when he cooked. That just did not sound right to me...

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Our Commitment to You

Our continued commitment to producing the finest, freshest, best tasting, BBQ rubs and BBQ spices in the market has allowed Texas BBQ Rub to grow into one of the most recognized names in the BBQ Spice business. The future is our promise to you our customer.

Texas BBQ Rub is not about our company. Texas BBQ Rub is about the people all over the world that use our products and knowing what they will get with each order that they make with us. You see, we understand the simple, but golden rule, that without our customers, we are nothing.

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