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Rib Rub

The rib rub you use is the key to great tasting ribs. It does not matter if you are cooking pork spare ribs, baby back ribs, or St. Louis cut spare ribs. You need to start with a great rib rub to move the taste of your ribs to another level.

Slow smoked ribs, loaded with flavor, are how a lot of people will judge your BBQ. Give it your best and the complimented and comments will be yours to enjoy.

Great rib rubs add a layer of flavor of the meat when cooked.

Falling off the bone. Tender. Juicy. Packed with flavor. These are the things that make barbecue ribs everyone's favorite meat to eat. Your challenge is to give them exactly what they are looking for when they eat your ribs. You are looking for rib rub that is easy to apply and packed with penetrating flavor.

rib rub

As with all spice blends, rib rubs have been influenced by various regions. Each type of rib rub delivers that region's heritage. Their likes, dislikes, cooking style, and their own distinct textures will be noticeable on your finished ribs.

Kansas City style ribs are usually covered in a sweet BBQ Sauce. They are cooked tender, but not 'fall off the bone' tender. This allows you to pick up the rib and enjoy eating it. They like their ribs tender enough to eat off the bone, and be able to see their teeth marks in the rib after they take a bite. The first taste you will usually taste with Kansas City style ribs is the taste of the sweet BBQ sauce covering the ribs. Next, you will be able to taste the seasoning that was cooked on the rib. The rib rub is not too spicy; a nice hint of full flavored, earthy spices.

kansas city rib rub

Memphis style ribs are usually served without a sauce covering the rib. This is what is known as a 'dry rib'. Compared to the sweeter Kansas City style rib rub, the Memphis style rib rub is usually a bit spicier and contains very little, if any, brown sugar. The ribs are served 'dry' with no sauce, and a texture similar to the Kansas City rib.

Texas style ribs have a unique flavor and texture all to their own. Texas style pork ribs are typically served 'dry'. If sauce is present, it is served on the side. The rib rub will be a bolder flavored compared to the Kansas City or Memphis style ribs. The Texas style rib will also be a bit spicier than the Memphis style rib. Since sauce is served on the side, the biggest difference in a good Texas style rib rub is that it will contain more brown sugar to add sweetness to the rib. Texas style ribs will typically be cooked close to 'falling off the bone' texture.

texas style rib rub

When you find the perfect Texas style rib rub, it will be savory with a bite of heat, followed by the sweetness of the brown sugar.

Texas BBQ Rub has perfected two distinct tastes in the two rubs that we recommend for ribs.

Our original Texas BBQ Rub is more of the traditional Texas style rib rub. It has a great savory down home flavor, a bite of spice, followed by the sweetness of our rib rub mixture. Our Original rub is a three time winner of the American Royal's Peoples Choice Award for rubs. Our Original rub is still our best selling rub.

Texas BBQ Rub's Grand Champion rub is a bit less spicy, more savory flavor, followed by the nice sweetness of the brown sugar. This rub is also a favorite for many cooking teams on pork butt.


fall off the bone ribs